Practitioner Priority Service: How this Hermosa Beach Tax Pro Can Help You

Last Updated: February 19 2022

Because taxes are one of those sure things in life for every Hermosa Beach resident, it’s pretty normal (rightfully so) to fear the IRS especially if you don’t know about the Practitioner Priority Service. The arm of this particular government agency has a pretty far reach. Their grasp is so powerful, they can take down even the seemingly untouchable (Capone will never live that down).

And if they can take down infamous mobsters, celebs, even Martha Stewart… they can certainly trap the average taxpayer in their snare. 

Right now the memory of money you used to owe the IRS might be picking away at you, but because all went quiet on the government front, you aren’t sure where you stand or how much you exactly owe. And of course, you want to avoid the scary punishments (tax liens, wage garnishment, etc.).

Despite that, this nagging fear persists, so you decide it’s time to contact the IRS about that tax debt. 

But, if you do contact them, it’s possible you’ll end up back on their active list. And you want to keep out of their crosshairs… so now you feel stuck. What do you do?

Well, we’ve got a solution we want to offer up today for this tricky conundrum…

Practitioner Priority Service: How this Hermosa Beach Tax Pro Can Help You
“What simple action could you take today to produce a new momentum toward success in your life?” – Anthony Robbins

Contacting the IRS directly usually means hours-long wait time with that maddening hold music in your ear, and in doing so, you can attract unnecessary attention. That’s not ideal when you simply want answers.

Well, the good news is we have a special tool in our toolbox that the regular Hermosa Beach taxpayer doesn’t have, and we can deploy it on your behalf. It’s called the Practitioner Priority Service.

Basically, tax professionals (Enrolled Agents, Attorneys, and CPAs) have a dedicated phone line to contact the IRS regarding questions about their clients’ accounts.

The best part? These inquiries are made “under the IRS radar” because the representatives that staff the Practitioner Priority Service aren’t Revenue Officers or tied into the IRS collection division. Nor do they work for the IRS Automated Collection Service.

Their main role is to answer our questions and give us information about our clients’ accounts with the IRS.

The dispensing of information is their primary focus, and there’s nothing in their job description which would put the questions we ask into any kind of notification system for future follow-up.

In other words, when we call them on your behalf, it’s a low-key kind of call with minimal risk to you.

Here’s what we can find out for you by calling the IRS Practitioner Priority Service:

  • How much longer the IRS has to collect the taxes from you. By statute, the IRS has 10 years — but the Practitioner Priority Service can tell us the end dates the IRS has in their internal database.
  • We can determine if the IRS has sent out a Final Notice of Intent to Levy, whether they can levy your wages, accounts, and property, and if you have appeal rights to stop it.
  • If the IRS has your account in active collection status or currently uncollectible inactive status.
  • If your case has been assigned to the IRS Automated Collection Service or a local Revenue Officer.
  • We can find out the last time you officially filed a tax return and the information that the IRS has for use in preparing the returns.
  • Whether the IRS has properly applied and processed any payments you have made.
  • Exactly how much you owe the IRS, including the IRS calculations of interest and penalties (which can double the amount due every five years).
  • If your tax liabilities can be discharged in bankruptcy, giving you a clean slate as to the IRS.

We can also secure internal IRS transcripts of your account when we call so that we can verify everything the representative tells us. That way we have backup verification for your records on what the IRS has on your account.

So, here’s the great news: You don’t have to be in the dark about your IRS tax liability, and you don’t have to fear asking the IRS questions. 

We are the Hermosa Beach professional in your corner, ready to get answers for you, under the radar.

If you’re ready to find out where you stand with the IRS in a way that won’t put your account front and center, we’re here and ready to help. 

You’ve got a friend in the tax reporting business.


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